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Now is the time to innovate!  Use this time productively and learn as much as you can while planning your business’ next steps in an uncertain climate.  CTC will be hosting monthly “Quick Chats”, where experts from various agencies, organizations, and programs will share their experience with CTC.  These 20-30 min chats are a great way to get an introduction to new resources, funding, and programs. Have an idea for a Quick Chat? Contact us with your idea!

Qualified New Business Venture (QNBV) Program

Make your company more attractive to Wisconsin investors.

In this Quick Chat, Joey Frayne, Technology Investment Manager with the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) teaches YOU about the Qualified New Business Venture (QNBV) program. Through this program, investors receive state income tax credits on investments made in QNBV certified companies. Learn why your company should consider getting certified and the steps needed to apply.

Check out The Approach: Blog Series to learn more about Wisconsin Investors: https://wisconsinctc.org/learning-opportunities/blog/the-approach-blog-series

After the Pitch

You put all of this time in to prep for your investor pitch…. but what happens after?! Let our panel of experts from OnLume, who have been there before, walk you through how to keep up the momentum for your innovation.

Debt Financing for Startups

Debt financing is often overlooked as a potential source of funds for startups. In this Quick Chat, three financing leaders from the Eau Claire area will discuss debt-based funding opportunities for small businesses, including bank loans and gap financing from regional business funds.  

Building Venture Funds and Companies from the Ground Up

Listen to our discussion with David Trotter, Founder and Managing Director of Winnebago Seed Fund.

The Scoop on Free Legal Services for Wisconsin Entrepreneurs

Join us for a discussion with Anne Smith and Nathan Hammons, Directors of the Law & Entrepreneurship Clinics at UW-Madison Law School and Marquette University, respectively. Smith and Hammons talk about how these Clinics work, the services they provide, who is eligible for and how to access their services, and resources they have to help your business launch and grow.

Both L&E clinics provide pro bono legal services for Wisconsin businesses that lack access to the traditional legal marketplace. Operating like independent law offices, they use law students, supervising faculty and private sector attorneys to provide legal services inn areas like business entity formation, corporate governance, contracts, financing and more.

Accessing Federal Funds for Your Product Ideas

Brian Walsh, CTC Commercialization Consultant and Michael Hendrickson, Project Manager at BrainXell, Inc., spoke about how to find and compete for federal grants and contracts that aim to advance the readiness of technologies for commercialization.Brian Walsh and Michael Hendrickson discussed what’s involved in successfully competing for these non-dilutive funds and Michael’s direct experience in winning multiple SBIR grants.

FDA Strategies That Fit Your Business Model: A Chat with Anne Marie Finley, President of Biotech Policy Group

Your healthcare innovation needs FDA approval. But, have you considered FDA strategies that fit your business model and support the commercialization process? With more than 25 years’ experience, Anne Marie Finley, President of Biotech Policy Group, goes through some high-level considerations as you navigate healthcare innovations and safety.

Meet Manufacturing: A CTC chat with Pat Deno, healthcare manufacturing consultant

Knowing how manufacturing impacts your products’ path to commercialization can be the key to opening new funding and new partnerships.  With over 30 years of experience in OEM marketing and manufacturing, Pat Deno shares challenges and opportunities for early innovators as you chart a path in medical devices, pharmaceuticals and other health care innovations. 

Best Practices for SBIR Commercialization Plans

Tom Schwei is a financial professional who has 25 years of experience working with Wisconsin-based life science companies. At DNASTAR, he helped the company win and manage more than $15 million in NIH SBIR grant funding. In this Quick Chat, Tom will share best practices for writing solid SBIR commercialization plans.

Seedlinked & TitleTown Tech: A Mission-Accelerating Partnership

Viroqua-based ag startup, SeedLinked, recently announced seed investment from Green Bay’s Titletown Tech. In this Quick Chat, we were joined by people from both organizations. Seedlinked co-founders, Nicolas Enjalbert and Dylan Bruce, and Titletown Tech partner, Neil Mix, spoke about how this relationship came about, mutual benefits and next steps.

Strategies for Commercializing Your Tech w/ DOD

Meet William (Bill) Altergott, CTC Service Provider specializing in support for Department of Defense (DoD) SBIR/STTRs. With 20+ years winning DoD SBIR, working with prime contractor and OEM funds, Bill will share strategies for commercializing technologies with DoD funding with a focus on engaging and showcasing value to prime contractors.

NIH I-Corps – What? Why? How?

Dr. Canaria helped to launch the NIH I-Corps program that’s been running since 2014. She also is an NCI program director supporting funding, mentoring and networking to small businesses developing innovative cancer technologies.  Dr. Canaria joined us to discuss the impacts, opportunities and best practices for small businesses learning and leveraging the NIH I-Corps program. 

Working with the NIH and alternative NIH funding opportunities

Chang Hee, Founder and CEO of GoDx chatted with CTC on his experience with NIH and how he utilized many NIH programs to fund his commercialization activities and research. Learn more about his interesting journey and what programs are available to assist startups!

Getting a Little Help from her Friends

Paige Peters, founder and CEO of Rapid Radicals started a company based on a wastewater treatment technology in 2016. In this Quick Chat, she talks about the lift key partnerships have given her company to get to this point. Looking forward, she also shares her vision on the bridge future partnerships will provide in bringing her product to market

The Challenges and Opportunities of Taking the Leap from Academia

Dr. Christina Runge is a professor and clinician who has started a small business, Ascending Hearing Technologies. Hear her story on challenges and opportunities in the leap from academia into the world of small business, winning STTR funding, and advancing technology to improve hearing with an innovative personal sound amplification product (PSAP).

DOD SBIR Awardee Insights

Watch our quick chat with Rapid Imaging CEO, David Geisler. Rapid Imaging has been successful in navigating the DOD SBIR Program and is going to share tips/tricks and recommendations for other businesses seeking the DOD as a customer.

Commercialization Plans; Surpassing Reviewers’ Expectations

Ben Schrag, Senior Program Director for SBIR/STTR programs at the National Science Foundation joined CTC to share insight on best practices for preparing NSF SBIR/STTR commercialization plans. Learn about key review criteria that are considered in the NSF review process and why an emphasis on commericailzation is required EVEN in Phase I proposals.

Your Plan to Get Out

It’s not too early for startup companies to be thinking about their exit. CTC hosts Teresa Esser, managing director of Silicon Pastures – a Wisconsin-based angel investment network that has invested in 67 early stage high-tech companies. Teresa shared her expertise on how founders and their advisors can prepare their companies for the ultimate liquidity event.

Navigating The SBIR/STTR Program as an University Researcher

Dr. Kalpa Vithalani, Marquette University’s Director of Technology Transfer speaks with CTC on best practices for researchers looking to launch a business based on their work in a university. “It may seem daunting, but Milwaukee has a whole ecosystem ready to support you.”

Why Innovation Matters in Times of Distress

Tina Chang is founder and CEO of Syslogic, an innovative information systems consulting and services firm located in Brookfield WI, and that specializes in applying innovative technology and process design to solve clients’ toughest business challenges.
Tina will talk about how she and her company not only weathered the 2007-2008 recession, but pushed forward with new innovation and initiatives to advance her company.  Part of that was a $1M in STTR grant funds received allowing technology development that became key moving forward.

Getting Started with the DOD

Learn about past DOD awardees and the successes and challenges they encountered along their journey to DOD funding.  After 20 years of working with the DOD, Becky Aistrup of BBCetc joins CTC in a quick chat focused on tips to get started, how to navigate this opportunity, and past example experiences to help you consider this +$1B funding opportunity.

If you’d like to experience one of CTC’s Quick Chats live for the chance to ask your questions, check out our current virtual event happenings here.

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