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Brian Walsh, CTC’s commercialization expert, will share his expertise and information about the ins and outs of commercialization on Tuesdays and Thursdays as part of ongoing installments of Brian’s Board!

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Episode 10 – Traction

When seeking external funding for your innovation, competition is fierce because investors expect you to show traction –> The idea of traction have you stuck in the mud 🥾?

Brian’s Board is here (on a tractor 🚜) to help your business gain traction to attract investors:

Reach out to Brian to start gaining traction 🚜:

Episode 9 – Investors: The Unusual Suspects

Last time, Brian investigated the Usual Suspects of investing, now he digs a little deeper for those Unusual Suspects. Check out this episode of Brian’s Board to find out who they are and if your innovation is right for them!

Connect to Brian to do some investigating of your own:

Episode 8 – Investors: The Usual Suspects

Are you seeking funding for your innovation? With so many options, we can help you find the one that is right for your business! Check out the Usual Suspects with Brian (no Keyser Söze here):

Connect to Brian to find your usual suspects:

Episode 7 – What Investors are Looking For

If you need additional capital, investors are an important option for you! What are investors looking for? Let Brian help you find out what you need to know for your innovation to succeed:

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Episode 6 – The Team

What is the most important part of YOUR innovation to investors? According to Stanford, it is the your Management Team! “Catch” up with Brian to find out what these investors are looking for from your team (watch for a special cameo from a member of Brian’s “team”). Connect to Brian to get started on your SBIR proposal:

Find out more about Wisconsin’s investor community:

Episode 5 – SBIR Proposal Letters of Support

Don’t let your SBIR Proposal letters of support be an afterthought – they are what completes your proposal. These letters differ by SBIR funding program so do your research and connect to the right people to provide support for you innovation.

Connect to Brian to get started on your SBIR proposal:

Episode 4 – Financial Projections

Financial projections are crucial for your Phase 2 SBIR/STTR funding. Agencies vary in requirements though so you must pay close attention – your projections don’t have to hit the bullseye 🎯 though. Check out this episode Brian”s Board for more!

Episode 3 – Revenue Streams

Brian is here to tell you all about revenue streams. Find out how your business can generate money in each of your customer segments. Check out Ep. 3 of Brians Board for revenue streams (literally streams… you’ll see):

Episode 2 – SBIR Phase 2 Commercialization Plans

You’ve received your Phase 1 SBIR funding – now what?! Looking to further fund your innovation? Not sure where to start? Brian’s Board is here to help! Find out what you need, and why, for your SBIR Phase 2 Commercialization plans:

Episode 1 – SBIR Commercialization Plans

Introducing the next installment of CTC Sparks: The Innovators’ Series – Brian’s Board! CTC’s commercialization expert is here to walk you through SBIR commercialization plans. Stay tuned for more specific commercialization videos from Brian Walsh.