Review considerations when writing DoD funding applications

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WI AI Summit Day 1 Recap!

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Kindling Connections: Expert Insights from Dave Schroeder

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2022 Governor’s Business Plan Contest: Ideas from 17 of the 26 finalists

Twenty-six entries representing sectors such as health care, cleantech, education, software and innovations in products or services are competing in the finalist round of the 19th annual Wisconsin Governor’s Business Plan Contest. Learn a little more about the ones familiar to us!

SBIR Advance Letters of Intent Due 4/11

As we start another round of SBIR Advance, I would like to remind you to watch the videos I have specifically for this program.

Investor Lingo

Pre- vs post-money? Capped vs uncapped? Convertible notes? Discounts? Is investor lingo driving you mad? Check out these Brian’s Board episodes to help you decode the language and better communicate with potential investors.

Back to the Basics

Its been a while since we looked at some of the basics or preparing an SBIR or STTR.

How will your company stack up against the investor diligence process?

Investors must evaluate opportunities before making a call and writing a check.

Collaborations in SBIRs

Often I find that our clients don’t have all of the skills and tools necessary to be competitive with an SBIR.