SPACE! Your Funding Frontier…

NASA released their SBIR/STTR solicitation on November 9 with a due date of January 8, 2021 at 5PM.  So…of course that means you better submit on January 5! At $125,000 for a Phase 1, that might not seem like a big opportunity.  But check out our recent Idella’s Ideas video on how you might consider the NASA program into your innovation strategy.

If you are considering a NASA submission, here are a few tips towards a competitive application:

  1. Know your customer! Review NASA Technology Taxonomy to determine fundable innovation needs.  Going through the NASA SBIR/STTR solicitation (p73), you will find a list of their focus areas, which groups NASA interests and related technologies. 
  2. Can you fit into an existing NASA program and mission?  NASA is a contracting agency, not a grant.  An ideal position is to develop technologies that NASA will end up purchasing from your small business (or affiliated partnerships).  A strategic fit of your innovation in one of their program/mission agendas may result in a long-term customer relationship.
  3. Know how you are evaluated.   P.44 of the solicitation details how your proposal is evaluated.  Highlighted are the importance of your scientific/technical merit and feasibility.  Proposals must clearly demonstrate relevance to the subtopic as well as to one or more NASA mission and/or programmatic needs!
  4. Know the patent landscape. The goal is to include your technology into NASA programs and missions. It helps if you can articulate that your approach is unique and that you are able to freely use your invention in this context. 

For a complete list of topics and details for the NASA application, visit the NASA website. Also, visit with CTC this November/January and let us help you customize a competitive approach for any of the eleven agencies participating in the SBIR/STTR program.

You can Win, We can Help!

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