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Support from NIH for Academic and Small Business Innovators

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Challenge your innovation through Army xTech

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The 5 Min Interview- The Power of “Why?”

Learn more about CTC’s Lean Startup program, Ideadvance, and how we will pay you to do customer discovery! If you haven’t read the first post in this series, The 5 Min Interview- the 30 min plan, go back and check it out.

The 5 Min Interview- The 30 Min Plan

Learn more about CTC’s Lean Startup program, Ideadvance, and how we will pay you to do customer discovery! Customer interviews have an air of formality that often conjures images that feels more like an interrogation vs investigation.

Wisconsin CTC embraces an update

Welcome to a new look and new website for the Wisconsin Center for Technology Commercialization! Changes at the University of Wisconsin System, which helps make our work possible, have driven our rebranding.

Top 10 Reasons to Pursue SBIR/STTR

There are many reasons to consider tapping America’s Seed Fund to fund your business.

Useful Stats: NIH SBIR/STTR Success Rates by State

NIH SBIR/STTR Application Success Rates and Average Yearly Funding by State (2008-2017) Shading represents the state’s success rate, while bubble-size represents the average dollar amount of awards per year.

Make your proposal easy to read: edit edit edit!

An often overlooked aspect of an SBIR proposal involves neglecting to realize your reviewers are people who have to wade through a slew of proposals quickly and efficiently. Ease their pain!

Strategies from Research to Commercialization

We often hear from entrepreneurs about the challenges in acquiring additional funds to further de-risk technologies and navigate through the dreaded Valley of Death. Accessing funds via the traditional SBIR/STTR programs can initially help you through risky feasibility questions.

Sell your team through your biosketch

Why should an SBIR/STTR agency hire your company? While you may have a really innovative technology, it will be your team that does the work. Spending time on the biographical sketch is your opportunity to reinforce your team’s experience and highlight your credentials towards the specific role you will have on this company’s SBIR/STTR project.

Competitor discussion in your SBIR Proposal

A common topic to include in your SBIR proposal is a discussion on the competition. While we often hear our clients say that they “Don’t have any competition” or there are “No others doing this,” there is always some alternative that your customers can use or are using to solve the problem.