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ChloBis and CTC Team at SBIR Conference

We want make our clients and others in the technology startup space familiar with the Activate organization and program. This is a nonprofit organization that was conceived out of Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory to help scientists bring their research ideas to commercialization. The organization was founded by scientists and entrepreneurs as well as investors to help bring exceptional research to market. It started in 2015 to provide two-year fellowships for scientists who are working on a technology to take to market.

The fellowships provide up to $110,000 as a yearly living expense to these budding entrepreneurs along with $100,000 in research funding. The program includes a curriculum of learning, access to a community and network of peers and industry investors and experts; as well as mentorship. Additionally, the organization does not any IP rights from the scientist/entrepreneur for the work performed.

Earlier iterations of the organization funded fellows in Berkely, Boston and New York. But recently they have expanded to include Activate Anywhere, which funds fellows poised to turn their research into commercial products anywhere in the U.S. 

We are fortunate to learn that Margaret Lumley of ChloBis Water is a recent Activate Anywhere awardee. Margaret tells us: “The Activate Fellowship is the premier program for science entrepreneurs to turn their breakthrough research into businesses. This fellowship provides time, resources and mentorship, as I build ChloBis Water, to unlock the potential of water desalination and address critical water shortages. As a startup founder, I’ve come to realize that community, mentorship, and your network are so crucial to the success of your journey, and I could not be more excited to be part of the Activate community. We’re just getting started!”

More information on this unique fellowship opportunity can be found at the Activate website.

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