Alternative method to using ChatGPT for grant proposals

Tips from Todd

Here’s a Quick Tip from Todd on using ChatGPT or other AI resources for writing your grant documents.

Commonly people use ChatGPT to help them “get started” on writing a proposal or a section of a proposal. What results has been a fairly good first draft document that needs to be edited and fixed up by a human to polish it up into a good final version. 

But here is another way to take full advantage of the AI software. Write your proposal FIRST, and then send that raw text through ChatGPT with instructions to rewrite it. You very likely will find that using ChatGPT as a post draft editor will work much better at getting an excellent document finalized before submission.

Can ChatGPT write your SBIR proposal?

The advent of AI in document preparation will likely greatly impact how SBIR/STTR grants are prepared and written. Platforms like ChatGPT have already been controversial if used for writing papers in all areas of academia and I’m often asked if use of such platforms is effective for preparing grant proposal text.
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