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Now is the time to innovate!  Use this time productively and learn as much as you can while planning your business’ next steps in an uncertain climate.  CTC will be hosting monthly “Quick Chats”, where experts from various agencies, organizations, and programs will share their experience with CTC.  These 20-30 min chats are a great way to get an introduction to new resources, funding, and programs. Check out the archived Quick Chats for more insight and fuel for your innovation!

Case Study in Raising Funds for a Pharmaceutical Startup

Thursday, Sept 17, 2020, 10:00 am

Finance executive, Linda Leikness, helped establish operations for UW-Madison spinout, Deltanoid Pharmaceuticals, in 2001. In this Quick Chat, she will talk about her role in raising Series A and B investment funding and securing lucrative partnerships with multinational companies to help this startup achieve critical milestones. 

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Check out the archived Quick Chats for more insight and fuel for your innovation!

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