Access NIH’s Application Assistance Program


We would like to bring your attention to a recent NIH program that provides SBIR applicant assistance to small businesses who have not been funded with an SBIR, even if you’ve previously applied. The applicant assistance program is supported by 10 of the NIH institutions and projects must be of interest to those institutions to be eligible.

The NIH has contracted with Eva Garland consulting to provide the training and coaching assistance for a 10 week course. (An excellent resource for preparing an NIH proposal is this book available for purchase.) The current solicitation for applying to this program is open and will close on May 22, 2023. Subsequent application assistance programs will be available for a total of three a year, coinciding with submissions to the standard NIH SBIR due dates.

The program will accept 50 applications per cycle and typically have between 100 and 180 applicants, so chances of being accepted into the program are as high as 50% success rates. More information about this program and how to apply can be found here. Additionally, if you find your project is not a fit for the 10 institutes that support this program, the NIAID has their own assistance program with information here.