SBIR Training for Entrepreneurial Support Staff

CTC hosted BBCetc, SBIR experts, for a webinar on April 19th.  The webinar was a training for entrepreneurial support organizations interested in adding the $4.5B SBIR/STTR federal seed fund program to the list of resources available to their clients.  Refer to this tool to help you identify companies that may compete for SBIR/STTR funding.

Why should you care about the SBIR/STTR Program?

  1. Get off the ground: This program is a way to get high-risk projects and startups started.  Known as “America’s Seed Fund” the SBIR program supports risky technologies not usually funded by other sources.
  2. Big money: There are 11 federal agencies that participate in the funding program with budgets ranging from $3.8 Million to $2.27 Billion. 
  3. All theirs: This funding is non-dilutive, meaning the government takes no stake in the company.  It’s free money for your clients.

What makes a business an ideal fit for SBIR?

  1. Eligibility: It is a US owned, for-profit company with less than 500 employees that has real research to do for product development
  2. Goal: The company is trying to solve a very important problem
  3. Difficulty: The solution to the forementioned problem is very technical and needs research to be commercialized

Those requirements aren’t so tough!  CTC hosted this event to help our partners spot businesses with an SBIR worthy idea.  

Examples of SBIR companies/technologies – USDA, Department of Defense, National Science Foundation & all Wisconsin awardees for the last three years.

What’s next? 

  1. Partnership: CTC would love to learn more about your organization and share referrals
  2. Engagements: CTC hosts or participates in webinars and in-person events all over the state.  If you’d like us to speak to your network, contact us!
  3. Support: CTC would like to continue the conversation on Wisconsin entrepreneurship and how we can support innovative companies to tap every resource.

Refer to this document to help you identify companies that may compete for SBIR/STTR funding.  We are happy to speak to ANYONE that you think may have a technical idea –  Send them our way!

CTC is state and federally funded to provide FREE events, programming AND grants to Wisconsin companies pursuing SBIR/STTR funds.  We look forward to working with you in the future!

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