Department of Defense Releases 22.1 Topics: NO AFWERX OPEN SBIR Topics. 

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The Department of Defense has pre-released SBIR 2022.1, STTR 2022.A and Air Force X22.1 CSO. Applicants have until January 11 to discuss projects with TPOCS with proposals due February 3 (CSO) and February 10 (SBIR/STTRs). Review opportunities at the DSIP website:

What’s missing?!  No AFWERX SBIR/STTR Phase 1 Open Topics. SUPER BIG BUMMER. If you already have a signed MOU with an Air Force customer, you may be eligible to pursue the X22.1 opportunity as a Direct to Phase 2.

Before you close that browser—what might you do with the current Broad Agency Announcements?

  1. Review topics for capabilities alignment: Topics may only come around once. If you see a topic that aligns well with your capabilities and R&D aims, consider applying. The CTC can help and connect you to proposal services.
  2. Read the solicitation: The next solicitation will arrive in 2022. But the general rules of the program are similar across cycles. Use this solicitation to look ahead to required registrations, prioritization areas, and DoD resources.
  3. Scour for points of contacts: Component information provides info on current technical focus areas AND points of contact. It is never too early to start networking. But remember, you can only discuss ideas during the pre-release time period. Use a quad chart and/or capabilities statement to facilitate a chat.
  4. Consider relationships with a non-profit research institution (STTR engagement): It may also be the right time to network with universities and other non-profit research institutions. STTRs are often underutilized. You might have a stronger competitive offering if you apply via the STTR route, which requires this partner. The solicitations highlight historically black universities and colleges as possible collaborating institutions.

For a complete list of topics and details for DoD, visit the DSIP website. Also, visit with CTC this December/January and let us help you customize a competitive approach for any of the eleven agencies participating in the SBIR/STTR program.

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