Top 5 reasons your Wisconsin business should innovate with the Air Force (AFWERX)

  1. Fund your innovation with someone else’s money: Over $1M is available in Air Force funding for innovative solutions that can be used by the Air Force.  Want more $?  Wisconsin awards state matching grants (up to $275K) to AFWERX awardees.
  2. Pitch your innovation, any innovation: The Air Force’s new “open topic” solicitation process funds many businesses to explore their technological potential risk free.  Have an idea that may be applicable?  Pitch it!
  3. AFWERX is fast: Whereas it might take months to hear back from other innovation funding programs, AFWERX aims to give a decision (and $) within 30 to 45 days.
  4. The AFWERX program has a lot money to spend: The Department of Defense receives more than half of all SBIR funding (over $2 Billion a year) and the Air Force gets a large chunk of that pool.
  5. “The Air Force is open for business”: AFWERX is continuing to partner with and push private business towards commercialization.  Read about Wisconsin business, WiscLift, and their success with the AFWERX program.

Want to learn more about how to get your business’ product development paid for by partnering with the Air Force?

Our October 28th panel webinar featured speakers from the Wisconsin Air National Guard, AeroX Accelerator and the Wisconsin Veteran’s Chamber of Commerce. 

ICYMI, we recorded it!


Are you interested in improving your chances to access the $2.4B DoD SBIR fund? Find out how this partnership can connect your Wisconsin innovation to military application.
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