Join ForwardWERX on October 28 to learn more!

ForwardWERX invites you to learn of our new programs and goals in the upcoming October 28, virtual event. You DO NOT need to be a business, technologist or self-described innovator to participate! JOIN THE CALL! There are spots for you. But you won’t know unless you attend! 

What is ForwardWERX? We are an organization focused on problem-solving. Our understanding and belief are that Human-Centered Design is applicable to any discipline, and is evident by our team and partners. The identified problem sets allow a focus on the user experience, and we create towards that goal.

Why ForwardWERX?  FWx is part of a larger Wisconsin National Guard ecosystem with operational and organizational challenges as wide as the problem sets they represent. The process of our problem solving, product development and user experience reflect this uniqueness. The focus on our end-user to maximize mission impact and transition potential can only be accomplished through our academic, industry, and government partnerships. 

How does the October 28 Event Benefit YOU? We are looking for diverse talent, innovators, veteran expertise and collaborative partnerships to address challenges and improve National Guard mission-specific outcomes. There are roles for individuals and small businesses across Wisconsin. We are especially interested to involve our rural communities…hence the virtual event!

What will you learn?

  • The FWx program and timeline
  • State and federal funding opportunities for innovative collaborations
  • Upcoming part/time job opportunities to support FWx and the CTC.

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Innovation Funding with the Air Force October 28

Over $100,000 is available from the state and more than $1,000,000 is available in Air Force federal funding for innovative solutions that enhance missions and sustainability.
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