Ideadvance Eligibility: Expand Your Skills with Diverse Teams.

July 16, 2021 is the upcoming deadline for the annual Ideadvance Stage 1 and Stage 2 applications. This year, the program is enhanced with several changes designed to be more inclusive and to further support companies participating across our statewide entrepreneurial ecosystem. Our website houses ‘how to’ videos to overview changes including the new power point application template

With the strength of UW System talent, the Ideadvance program now allows teams that leverage a UW System affiliate- not just a founder.  The change reflects the opportunity for entrepreneurship to be both professional development and an economic driver.  We encourage companies to consider unique teams that allow the UW System team member to be a founder, an existing employee, a subject matter expert, an executive-in-training, a member-in-training or even a professional development role.  Watch this Ideadvance ‘how to’ video to learn more about how we define these roles.

In all cases, applicants will describe how the UW affiliate adds value to the team and/or the project. If you are considering adding a UW System affiliate to your team, consider these resources as leads for entrepreneurial outreach:

You may also find like-minded communities across the numerous WEDC supported entrepreneurial programs.

The changes to Ideadvance encourage teams to identify the best skills and personalities to move novel ideas forward. If you don’t have ties to the University of Wisconsin System, let us help you consider any of the above networks. 

Target July 1 for a review of your application by Idella Yamben or Brian Walsh in anticipation of the July 16 deadline.