More to SBIR than Feasibility Funding

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It is difficult to keep track of the new programs and support each agency has to further commercialization and networking for innovative solutions. The value of an SBIR/STTR award today can be much more than the $50,000- $225,000 in a Phase 1 feasibility study. Last week, I learned about another program where your SBIR/STTR award can help you gain admittance.

The Department of Defense (DoD) encourages companies to continue to innovate- especially if this adds value to their efforts. Beyond the SBIR, companies are encouraged to spend their money on Independent Research and Development (IR&D), and the DoD wants to hear about your IR&D efforts.

So what?! Well, did you know that IR&D is an allowable cost for your general & administrative (G&A) calculation IF YOU HAVE AN EXISTING CONTRACT?! Okay, not a lot of money here, but it is something.

However, the DoD is also interested to engage with industry. Technology Interchange Meetings were created as a way for industry to talk with the government in order to meet desired capabilities. Think: expanded market opportunities; more than SBIR funding; new insight in technology and competition. However, to be invited, you have to have an EXISTING CONTRACT with the government.

The portal to submit is through the Defense Innovation Marketplace. This is a one-way portal where you input information that is searchable only by government access. So, be strategic in what you share. From this sharing has come Communities of Interest. There’s more to learn on the Defense Innovation Marketplace website. But gaining access to some of these tools means getting a contract or SBIR award from DoD or another agency.

Reach out to the Wisconsin CTC for the upcoming DoD pre-release scheduled around April 21, 2021. Or talk with us about fit for other agency timelines.

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