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CTC has assembled resources for clients interested in pursuing partnership and funding with the DOD. New to DOD? You may be eligible for an SBIR Assistance Micro-grant (even if you’ve received one before!).

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176 DOD Topics Open or in Pre-release

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Navigation for WI DOD SBIR Hopefuls

A severely underutilized SBIR funding opportunity in Wisconsin is the program available from the Department of Defense (DoD). Nearly half of all the SBIR and STTR funds available from the Federal government are distributed by the DoD, and we at the CTC would like to increase awareness and applications from Wisconsin.
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AFWERX Style: What’s an Assumption?

The AFWERX program is like a startup program within the Department of Defense SBIR/STTR framework.  If, you aren’t familiar, take the time now to visit the Air Force/AFWERX program website AND review some of our past blogs on the topic. 
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DOD Opportunities for SBIR and other Research Funding

Wisconsin has some of the best success rates in the country for NIH and NSF SBIR awards (see 2019 articles NIH & NSF), and Wisconsin has large DOD contractors that are manufacturing strategically important military equipment.  
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SciArt Software Participates in AFWERX Accelerator

Praveen Yadav, SciArt Software CTO, shares his experience with the AFWERX SBIR program. SciArt, selected for the inaugural Techstars Space accelerator, empowers engineers to create lighter, stronger designs.
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DOD Related Quick Chat Recordings

Getting Started with the DOD

Learn about past DOD awardees and the successes and challenges they encountered along their journey to DOD funding.  After 20 years of working with the DOD, Becky Aistrup of BBCetc joins CTC in a quick chat focused on tips to get started, how to navigate this opportunity, and past example experiences to help you consider this +$1B funding opportunity.

Strategies for Commercializing Your Technology w/ Department of Defense

Meet William (Bill) Altergott, CTC Service Provider specializing in support for Department of Defense (DoD) SBIR/STTRs. With 20+ years winning DoD SBIR, working with prime contractor and OEM funds, Bill will share strategies for commercializing technologies with DoD funding with a focus on engaging and showcasing value to prime contractors.

Wisconsin DOD Awardee Shares Insights on the Use of SBIR Contracting Programs

Watch our quick chat with Rapid Imaging CEO, David Geisler. Rapid Imaging has been successful in navigating the DOD SBIR Program and is going to share tips/tricks and recommendations for other businesses seeking the DOD as a customer.

Department of Defense Navigating Opportunities for Innovation and Small Business

CTC hosts Dave Zvenyach, attorney, entrepreneur and government executive, who will share his experience to help small businesses consider transitioning from R&D to working with the government as a customer.  This is a must-listen for any small business asking WHY and HOW to transition from applied or basic R&D funding (SBIR and BAAs) towards government contracts.  

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Presubmission Panel Reviews: This free service helps clients increase their potential for winning federal SBIR/STTR funding. Our goal is to provide you with actionable recommendations regarding your draft ahead of your SBIR/STTR submission deadline. Don’t see your agency in the schedule of reviews? We can offer reviews for any deadline, just reach out!
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